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VECHERNIY NEW YORK (The Evening New York) Russian Weekly Newspaper.
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to a growing prospering community!

Your connection to hundreds of thousands Russian speakers is here.

Published since the fall of 1995, "Vecherniy New York" (otherwise known as "Evening New York") is a community-oriented newspaper. It serves the Russian-speaking population of the Metropolitan New York area of one half million, and beyond.

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Mission statement:
Promoting the integration of Russian immigrants into the American society, "Vecherniy New York" continuously strives to satisfy our readers intellectual needs. "Vecherniy New York" educates, entertains, and all the while preserves a sense of a common community in this increasingly interconnected world.

Our community:
A well-educated and highly professional Russian immigrant population is adapting to life in the United States. These people are building new careers, are developing new businesses, and are striving for opportunity. "Vecherniy New York" is their determined companion.

Our product:
"Vecherniy New York" offers effectual coverage of all major events in New York, the United States, former USSR and other points on the planet.
The newspaper also provides an open discussion forum for the airing of any issue salient to our community. The diversity of articles informs our readers of the latest intellectual, cultural and business happenings, in the Russian community and beyond.

We have kept the low price of 50 cents to make these resources affordable for everyone.

Our distribution:
Circulation of "Vecherniy New York" grows steadily, and presently exceeds 20,000 copies a printing. The paper is distributed each week on Fridays in 500 stores and newsstands in every borough of New York City, in New Jersey, in Connecticut, and in Pennsylvania, by subscription all over USA, including mass distribution in cities like Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco and others.

Our format:
The newspaper is printed in the 11"X17" format (56 column inches). Print size is 10"X14". 
Colors: B&W, Spot Color, Full Color
Total published pages - 88 per Issue.
Constant growth is one of our first priorities.

Our staff:
"Vecherniy New York" employs the best forces of Russian journalism and creative young designers who will furnish every feature with professionalism and every advertisement with uniqueness.

Our feature sections:
In addition to furnishing the most current news information, "Vecherniy New York" offers its readers the following extras - "Womens Corner", "Judicial Advice", "Business Club", "Health and Medicine", "Education", "Travel", "Auto-club", "Big City Lights", "Theater, movies and entertainment", "Science and Technology", and many others. Our experience has shown that the helpful and often entertaining information in these features reinforces any advertising found there, just as the advertising substantiates these pages. Layout designers work together with our advertising department to create the most carefully planned and thoughtfully laid out features.

Our service:
Do you have an idea for an ad? Thats all that you will ever need if you advertise with "Vecherniy New York". We will develop your concept to its full potential. Our writers will develop engaging original text or translate your own advertisement. Our creative and layout departments produce prompt and professional design, whether you favor the serious and official look or you like a fun and youthful attitude. If you prefer bare text or graphic explosions, or anything in-between - our designers suit every need.
In addition, place an advertising article to tell our readers - your clients - more about your product or service. We will write your article, or edit an existing one, if you so desire. Advertising articles work wonders in conjunction with your regular ads; therefore there is always a discount when you place both.

Our concept:
"Vecherniy New York" serves as a matchmaker between members of our community and businesses. Advertising in "Vecherniy New York" is the surest way for goods and services to reach the consumers of the fast-growing and prospering Russian-speaking community.

"Vecherniy New York" carries out an aggressive and considered pricing policy on advertising. We believe that the opportunity to advertise in our newspaper should be open to every business. Therefore, we provide flexible pricing plans to suit each advertisers needs. 

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