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MASTER PAGE Russian-American Advertising and Information Services PRESENTS:

RUSSIAN BAZAAR Weekly Newspaper
General Info 

ќсновна€ информаци€ о газете "–усский Ѕазар"


RUSSIAN BAZAAR Newspaper is very popular newspaper 
in Russian Community of New York, Tri-State Area
and 22 other states of US.

* * *

About RUSSIAN BAZAAR Newspaper

Х Established in 1996 as the first in US Russian language newspaper of free classified ads;
Х By 1997 developed into a comprehensive news source featuring latest news, hottest issues, and special interest articles;
Х More than 150 pages weekly;
Х Headquarters are based just minutes away from the heart of the Russian community, Brighton Beach, New York;
Х Team of over 70 journalists throughout the world;
Х First Russian language newspaper to have presence on the Internet;
Х Thorough and wide-ranging coverage of key domestic and international issues, as well as cultural, social and general interest issues;
Х Advertising department offers a full range of services including English-to-Russian translations, creative ad design, and development of specialized marketing strategies.

Why Reach Out To The Readers of Russian Bazaar?
The answer is MONEY!

Russian Bazaar
will give you an opportunity to:
Х Introduce your company to one of the country's most dynamic and affluent ethnic consumer communities;
Х Reach out and recruit new customers among its estimated 67,000 weekly readership;
Х Substantially increase your revenues now and long-term;
Х Enhance your brand image.
Х Our customers are brand conscious and loyal!
Х Russian Bazaar will help you achieve the results you seek!

Who are our readers?

When we conducted a survey in the spring of 2001, we discovered that our readers are an affluent audience, who is brand-conscious and willing to pay extra for higher-quality products and services
Х Over 70% hold at least one college degree;
Х Over 43% hold Master's degree;
Х Average household income for our readers is $40,300;
Х Average household income for our top 30% readers is $96,100.

Distribution Facts

All issues are available at newsstands, Russian specialty stores and will soon be available by subscription. Issues are also delivered to libraries, universities, hospitals, and medical offices, where, oftentimes, dozens of readers peruse a single copy!

Х Circulation is 18,000 and climbing;
Х Readership is approximately 3.7 readers per copy, which means that we reach almost 67,000 individuals per week!

Russian Bazaar is available in the Tri-State Area and 22 other states of US.
Our Web presence provides thousands more with the same quality experience as reading a hard copy of the newspaper.

Why Reach Out To The Russian-Speaking Community?

Many Fortune 500 companies have already recognized the importance of reaching out to the ethnic markets, and so should you. Since the late 1970's estimated 1,500,000 immigrants from the former Soviet Union settled in the Tri-State area, with vast majority within the five boroughs of New York City.

Russian speakers present a powerful buying force today, with average household income way above the National and New York State averages. Most are highly educated and occupy prominent positions in Finance, Medicine, Government, Jurisprudence, and Management.

Special Interest Sections

Х World News
Х New York New York
Х From State To State
Х Israeli Mosaic
Х Abroad
Х Our Community
Х Women's Issues
Х Men's Section
Х Sports
Х Arts and Entertainment
Х Crossword Puzzle
Х Horoscope
Х Humor and Anecdotes
Х Children's Pages

Format: Tabloid (Full Size of an Ad 10"x13.75")

Colors: B&W, Spot Color, Full Color

For more information
contact to our
at (718) 648-3511
or via E-mail:

 онтактный телефон в Ќью-…орке (—Ўј): (718) 648-3511
‘акс: (718) 648-3047, E-mail: masterpage@inforeklama.com
ѕочтовый адрес: MASTER PAGE, 861 Bay Ridge Avenue, Suite 6, Brooklyn, NY 11220

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