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TELENEDELYA Ц Russian TV Guide Weekly Magazine
General Info 

ќсновна€ информаци€ о журнале "“еленедел€"



The "Russian TV Guide" or "Telenedelya" is a premier weekly entertainment magazine. It is a truly unique publication, which offers readers programming for all North American and many local Russian-language TV and Radio networks.


The "Russian TV Guide" is much more than simply listings. We offer previews of upcoming shows and features on favorite personalities. We provide the best coverage of the shifting and fast-growing Russian-American entertainment market. In addition, we offer exclusive coverage of Russian music and theater performances throughout the U.S. and. Canada, along with extensive reviews and commentary. The "Russian TV Guide" also covers video and big-screen movies. We aim to inform, to bring up old memories and introduce new stars, to question assumptions about Russian-American media, to set new standards, and Ч first and foremost Ч to entertain.


Just as we offer the world of Russian-American entertainment to our readers, we offer our advertising customers access to the greatest and most diverse audience with paid circulation that exceeds any other Russian-language publications in the Western hemisphere at 45,000. The audience of the "Russian TV Guide" is naturally the widest, since the entertainment industry has the greatest following. With over 100 pages per issue each week, our magazine has something for everyone, which explains its wide appeal.


Russian TV Guide has developed the most extensive distribution network of any other Russian-language publication. We understand that circulation consists of two equally importantly parts Ч the total press run and the spread and concentration of distribution locations. In fact, many publications turn to our company for distribution consulting and services.


About 60% of the distribution of the "Russian TV Guide" is outside New York City, which offers many businesses unique opportunities to advertise in the wide-spread Russian ethnic market all across the United States, without the expense and trouble of working with local publications, hi addition, the "Russian TV Guide" has a substantial subscriber base of over 10,000 Ч loyal repeat customers, who are comfortable with interstate commerce.


Advertising in the "Russian TV Guide" magazine is a sure way to build up and expand your client base and to reinforce your appeal for existing customers. In order to help you achieve these goals, the "Russian TV Guide" offers excellent customer service Ч quick professional design of your ad (or integration of your existing advertising to fit our format and technical requirements), approachable and responsible account managers, and easy billing. Our marketing department is also pleased to offer "Russian TV Guide" customers additional services at reduced costs: marketing strategy development, placement of advertising in additional publications, design and printing of flyers and business peripherals, and a wide array of web-related services. Consultations are always free Ч all you have to do is ask.


We look forward to helping your business reach its goals.


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