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MASTER PAGE Russian-American Advertising and Information Services PRESENTS:

NEW VESTNIK Russian Weekly Magazine
General Info 

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Dear Advertiser!

The Russian-American advertising magazines New Vestnik  NY and New Vestnik  NJ, would like to take the opportunity to offer your company the possibility to reach more than 250,000 Russian-American  families throughout entire New York and New Jersey states.

Our Russian-American weekly advertising magazines "New Vestnik" are distributed free of charge through the main commercial, social and health facilities such as European delicatessen groceries stores, Net Cost Market stores, pharmacies, video stores, community centers, travel agencies and many more. Also, our magazines are sent directly by mail, in addition to 20,000 copies in circulation.

The New Vestnik is in full color and is printed on very high quality glossy paper that adds much more value and affinity to the advertising printed in it. Also, I would like to point one main feature that sets our magazine apart from the others. The New Vestnik magazine is by excellence impartial to politics and social matters, giving the readers the chance to delight themselves with light, entertaining articles about health, beauty, TV programs and much more, while learning about all services and companies that advertise with us.

We have very competitive prices, professional designers and a team of account executives that are always ready to assist and help your company in reaching the marketing goals and communicate your message the best.

Tech Specification:
Cover and pages: full color glossy
Size: 8.5 wide x 11 high
Printed area: 7.5 wide x 10 wide
Period: Weekly


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